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Healey Log 1

Previous Work

In 1995 with the help of friends from the Austin Healey Club of British Columbia the following “top-side” engine work was completed in preparation for putting the car on the road at that time. Unfortunately work stopped when the club lost use of a nearby High School Shop where members met and shared knowledge and inspiration:

1. HDSU Carburetors cleaned, re-furbished, linkages polished

  1. 2.Distributor removed, cleaned, cap replaced, new points, and spark-plug leads

  2. 3.Clutch master cylinder rebuilt

  3. 4.Brake master cylinder rebuilt

  4. 5.Slave cylinder rebuilt

  5. 6.Radiator removed, recored and painted

  6. 7.Generator removed, cleaned, brushes checked and painted

  7. 8.Oil filter removed, cleaned, insert replaced and painted

  8. 9.Fan blades de-rusted and painted

  9. 10. Brake supply tank cleaned-up, re-soldered hose fittings, and painted

  10. 11. Electrics removed from firewall

  11. 12. Engine compartment degreased in preparation for re-painting

  12. 13. Gas tank removed, cleaned, de-rusted, painted, but needs some work to repair minor leak

  13. 14. all radiator hoses purchased for replacement

  14. 15. new thermostat, new plugs purchased

Time: Logged 100 hours

Work log shows 100 hours to complete above work.