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Healey Log 2b

Front Brake System - Rebuilding

With calipers off, pistons removed and metal degreased steps began on completing the caliper rebuilds while work continued on the car to de-rust the brake roters and clean-up the brake dust covers:

  1. 1.Calipers: First step was removing old paint from the caliper body. Paint remover we had at the house did an excellent job in peeling two layers of heavy paint off the metal. Care was taken to prevent paint remover getting into the bleeder or brake line connection holes. Both were plugged with foam. The paint stripper used was a gel type which provided good control. Only those areas covered in paint were treated. The process took several hours

  2. 2.Heat-resistant, gloss black caliper paint was applied to replace the caliper finish. Piston cavities, brake and bleeder holes were taped off. Original colour was Colorado Red. We went black to better suit the maroon colour of the current body paint

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  1. 1.Rotors: Both rotors had a heavy coating of rust. To remove the rust rotors were wire brushed using an electric hand grinder with a cone-shaped wire wheel. The rotors further cleaned by lightly sanding each side with 320 wet-dry sandpaper glued to a dead-flat 1/4” thick piece of hardwood. The clean-up revealed several grooves in the front right rotor and several “high” spots on the left. Looking at them and thinking this is a good time to re-pack the front bearings.

  2. 2.To remove the rotors the dust cap is pulled out from the hub centre giving access to a large nut that retains the rotor to the axel. The left rotor assembly came off easily with one good pull along with it the front roller bearing. the rear bearing and spacers remained on the axel. Everything was gummed-up with a dark, reddish, sticky, thick grease - all some 30+ years old. The right side rotor did not budge. No amount of pulling could get it off the car. We resorted to the rule of “patience”. The retaining washer in front of the front roller bearing was saturated with WD40 - specialized and allowed to sit.

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  1. 1.Brake Line: All flexible hose brake lines are being replaced with stainless braided lines. The left front line as well as the entire front suspension system on the drivers side was heavily embedded in thick, greasy dirt and crud. It took several hours of scrubbing to revealed bits of body paint colour and some heavily rusted parts. Fortunately the driver’s side was without the same degree of crud and rusted-up parts