Environmental Services

Riparian Managment

Today’s land-use decisions require specialized expertise in identification and classification of streams, lakes and wetlands when meeting regulatory requirements for industry and urban development. VA Poulin is a leading riparian specialist in site application of riparian regulations who offers consultation on all aspects of water, soil and fish habitat protection.

Forest Ecosystem Restoration

Vegetation is the cement that holds watersheds together and an essential component of fish habitat. By combining traditional silvicultural methods such as thinning, brushing, spacing, and planting with innovative fish and wildlife habitat restoration techniques, the company has speeded ecological recovery on more than 350 hectares of riparian forest. Expertise is offered in assessment, prescriptions, supervision, implementation and effectiveness monitoring

Water Management


Stream Crossings

Poorly maintained or constructed roadways like the one shown have the potential to cause serious impacts to fish and water quality. Stream side protection laws contain provisions for safe fish passage. Selecting a suitable structure requires evaluation of fish habitat capability by a qualified professional. Structures must meet specified standards based on the use of the waterway by fish and may require referral to regulatory agencies. VA Poulin assisted the Province in developing standards for stream crossing design and construction that meet requirements for safe fish passage. Expertise is provided in crossing selection, drainage and erosion control.

Training and Extension

VA Poulin offers specially designed training programs to meet requirements for stream and wetland classification and environmental protection. He has delivered training sessions Province wide and hosts training courses annually in Northeast British Columbia on stream and wetland classification for application by oil and gas and forestry workers. Environmental extension courses include: Poulin Method (Stream Classification), NCD-Stream Identification, BC Hydro AWPRV Certification, Wetland Identification and Classification, Culvert Assessment Procedure, Tree and Shrub Identification.

Mountain Safety

With more than 4-decades of experience in mountain travel and outdoor skills VA Poulin offers mountain safety training and adventure travel to people looking to explore the outdoors. Services are designed to meet the needs of individuals, school groups, youth groups, and those wanting to travel in the safely of small groups or self-lead teams. Training courses include: Mountain Safety, Winter Camping, Snow Camp International, and Alpine Mountain Survival. Adventure travel is fast becoming a major attraction for people. Learn how to search out the world by joining a team headed to any one of many world class adventure areas.